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About Us

We love a good game–and we’ve always had a heart for sports and fitness. 

The concept for Mayadin was sparked by a simple, yet frustrating pain point of calling a sports venue to book its facilities for a group of friends to play some casual or competitive sports—be it basketball, golf, tennis, and more—only to reach the venue and find that the booking had been overridden by another group due to the lack of a prior paid confirmation. 

Being good sports, we accepted defeat, but knew that there was an opportunity here to drive sportsmanship and collaboration between player and venue. How could we create a seamless booking experience for players and a hassle-free encounter for venues? 

The answers to the above questions led to the creation of Mayadin – a UAE online sports venue booking platform that can be utilized anytime, anywhere. 

We are a platform that bridges the gap between venue owners and sports fans. Mayadin allows game court operators to grow revenue streams by transforming their traditional technology systems, while fulfilling the consumer’s need for a digital and contactless booking solution. 

Today, Mayadin is a mobile application that can equip athletes, sport fans, and young amateur players with an innovative platform to find and book multi-sport facilities – anytime, anywhere across the UAE – including, football pitches, padel courts, cricket fields, and more in a few simple & easy steps. 

Mayadin was born to not only help sports fans book a sporting venue, but to also build a like-minded fitness community and to connect local players together. From helping sports venues of all sizes thrive, to enabling athletes and sports enthusiasts to book venues and have some competitive fun, Mayadin is committed to bringing the sports community in the UAE together. 

Driven by our passion for sports and problem-solving tech, we take pride in connecting people with their favorite sports court and sporting events. Get started and game on! 

Side note: Mayadin currently serves the UAE, but we have plans to continue leading the way in the digital booking and tech space in the ever-evolving fitness industry across the wider MENA region. Watch this space!